Chinook Hops

Chinook HopsIf you are looking for a bittering hop variety with spicy, piney and a touch of grapefruit characteristics then Chinook hops may be just what you are looking for…

This is a high alpha acid hop variety that also contains a good amount of oils for aroma.

Some of the most popular beer styles where you’ll see this hop variety being used are your Pale ales, IPAs, Stouts, Porters, Barleywines and lagers…

Here are some of the most important characteristics of this hop:

Alpha:Beta Ratio: 4.0
Alpha Acids: 12.0 – 14.0%
Beta Acids:
3.0 – 4.0%
29 -34% of alpha acids

Total Oils: 1.5 – 2.5 mL per 100 grams
Myrcene: 35 – 40% of total oils
Humulene: 20 – 25% of total oils

Some possible substitutions for this hop could be Nugget or Columbus due to their high alpha acid, but they don’t have the spicy, piney or grapefruit character. Nugget has an herbal aroma and columbus is more neutral and pungent.  Galena hops are also a high alpha acid variety, but they are citrusy. You can mix any of the hops mentioned with Cluster hops to get the high alpha acid content and the Floral and spicy aroma from Cluster hops.

A good beer recipe where I’ve used Chinook hops is my American IPA (all grain version)

11.75 lbs Pale Malt (US)
.15 lbs Victory
.4 lbs Caramel Munich (60 L)

.75 oz Amarillo (30 min)
.75 oz Cascade (30 min)
.75 oz Chinook (30 min)
.25 oz Amarillo (15 min)
.25 oz Cascade (15 min)
.25 oz Chinook (15 min)
1 oz Amarillo (0 min or Dry Hop)
1 oz Cascade (0 min or Dry Hop)

Wyeast 1056 (2 Liter Starter)

RO Water
.5 tsp Calcium Chloride
.5 tsp Gypsum

Mash @ 151 °F

*** For the extract version you can substitute the Pale Malt with 7.8 lbs of Briess Golden DME or Munton’s Light DME.