Nugget Hops

Nugget HopsIf you are looking for a good dual purpose hop to add an herbal flavor and aroma to your beer then consider using Nugget hops.

Nugget hops are moderately high alpha acid hops which can be used for bittering, but the oil content is also high which makes this a good aroma hop as well…

Some of the most popular beer styles where you’ll see this hop variety being used are your more bitter Ales, Stouts and Barleywine…

Here are some of the most important characteristics of this hop variety:

Nugget Hops Profile

Alpha:Beta Ratio: 3.0
Alpha Acids: 12.0 – 14.5%
Beta Acids:
4.0 – 6.0%
24 – 30% of alpha acids

Total Oils: 1.7 – 2.3 mL per 100 grams
Myrcene: 51 – 59% of total oils
Humulene: 12 – 22% of total oils

If you are looking to for a hop substitute you can take a look at Galena hops, Magnum hops, Columbus hops or Wye Target hops…

Keep in mind that Galena hops are citrusy and not herbal, but they are very similar in alpha acid content so they are a good substitute if you are using them for bittering…

Magnum hops also have a very similar alpha acid content, but they have no real distinct aroma so they are also a good bittering hop substitute…

Columbus hops are slightly higher alpha acid hops and they are clean smelling… also a good bittering substitute.