Tettnanger Hops

Tettnanger HopsIf you are looking for a lower alpha acid variety with a slightly spicy characteristic, then consider using Tettnanger (US) hops…

This hop variety is similar to the noble hop German variety… The lower alpha acid content and relatively low level of co-humulone makes this hop variety a smooth bittering hop with a true noble hop spicy aroma…

Some of the more popular beer styles where you’ll see this hop being used is Pilsner, Lager (specially light ones), US Ales, US Wheat, and Bitter…

Here are some of the most important characteristics of this hop variety:

Tettnanger Hop Profile

Alpha:Beta Ratio: 1.1
Alpha Acids: 4.0 – 5.0%
Beta Acids:
3.5 – 4.5%
20 – 25% of alpha acids

Total Oils: 0.4 – 0.8 mL per 100 grams
Myrcene: 36 – 45% of total oils
Humulene: 18 – 23% of total oils

Some possible hop substitutions for this hop variety could be German Spalt Select, German Spalt, or Santiam hops… just keep in mind that Santiam hops do add a little floral note on top of the spicy character…

If you are just looking for a bittering hop substitution, you may even try Fuggle hops which is similar in alpha acid content…